It’s quicker if I do it myself!

In the very, very short term that is true but will you ever be a run a large profitably business if you don’t get the right help?

For a start no-one is good at everything, so doing it all yourself means that you are going to accept mediocrity.

US President Lynden Johnson, a man of exceptional intelligence, micro managed the Vietnam War to the extent that it was said that he ground it to a halt as no decisions could be made without his direct input. On the other hand Ronald Reagan, said to be a man of limited knowledge and intelligence was an exceptionally adept delegator, and through this ability managed to win the cold war against the USSR.

Delegation is not about asking the nearest person to do something for you but about having a clear idea of the task to be completed and finding the person with the right skills to do it. If you are not clear about what you want to achieve then it will lead to frustration all round and you going back to doing it yourself.

Time is money and if you are the boss then yours must be the most valuable, don’t waste it!

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