Recent success stories

To demonstrate how serious we are about returning companies to profitability, here are some of our recent successes:

Chartered Surveyors: 3 partner firm, West End – achieved a 23% increase in net profits after the business assessment revealed that clients were being hugely over serviced and that additional work was not being charged for.

Graphic design and New Media Company, West End – restored loss making company to profitability by negotiating acquisition of smaller design house to reduce overheads and create synergy.

Catering Company, East London – this company was growing but profits were dwindling due to poor product costings, portion control and pricing. Following a rebalancing exercise, company was restored to full profitability.

Restaurant, City – a benchmarking exercise against the local competition revealed that prices could be increased by 7.5%. Tighter margin control produced a further 4%. This increased margin of 11.5% fed straight through to the bottom line.

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