USP (Unique Selling Point or Proposition)

Every company needs to define its USP. If it cannot then it runs the risk of being a “me too” company and left merely to compete on price with the consequent negative effect on profits.

Quite simply a USP sets you apart from the competition because you either offer something that they cannot or your product or brand is unique to you. Claiming that you are the best or your sales service is second to none etc. just isn’t going to cut it, anybody can make that claim and the logical response is: prove it!

In a distribution company it is difficult to be unique as your competition is selling the same product but what could make you unique is just doing everything a little bit better that the competition. This was so successful for Avis when they claimed. “We are number 2, so we try harder” that in fact they became number1 but could not tell anyone.

Whatever it is, you have to find yours. Sometimes it is the company ethos created by the founder that creates uniqueness such as; Bodyshop, Virgin or the great design companies of Richard Rogers, Norman Foster or Saatchi. Do not be shy of promoting yourself if it makes your business unique in the eyes of your customers.

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